Thursday, June 16, 2011

Couponing 101: Doubling Coupons

 So what really makes your total go down? One of the great things grocery stores like to do is have double coupon days and triple coupon days. 

Start off nice and easy with doubling. Doubling a coupon is when a store will double thte face value of a coupon up to a certain amount. some will do it only .49 cents or less, some will do it $1 or less. When you put your stuff up at the register, hand the cashier your coupons, and as they scan your coupon, they automaticly double! So now your .50 cents off coupon just became $1 off! Isn't it wonderful?

Tripling coupons. Tripiling a coupon is just the same as doubling, but you triple it! The stores that do triple coupons usually do them up to about .35 cents or so.

Not all stores double coupons so check your store's coupon policy first before you go in expecting it. Most only double on certain days, so make sure to ask! 

 And if you are in the north west, mainly Washington like I am, you will probably not find any places that double coupons. However, you still have a chance at this. Albertsons sends out 'Twice the Value' coupons every now and then in the sunday papers (you can also get them at the customer service desk). They will double a manufacture coupon $1 or less! You can only use 3 of these Twice the Value coupons per transaction, and 3 transactions per visit. A visit is considered when you step out of the store, take your items out to your car, unload and come inside. This is how I save the most and my average savings for Albertsons is 89%! 

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