Thursday, June 16, 2011

Couponing 101: Where can I find coupons?

So just where can you find coupons? EVERYWHERE! Everywhere you look you will see coupon! Here are the most popular palces to find coupons:

Blinkies- As explained in the previous note, Blinkies are little black machines in stores, usually with a blinking light to catch your attention. They are stationed next to the item they are promoting. 

Sunday Inserts- The sunday paper puts out booklets called inserts with tons of coupons in them!

Magazines- Magazines like 'All You' found at Walmart have coupons in them! 

Online- Websites like Red Plum, Smart Source and allow you to print out coupons from their websites! You must first download their program that allows you too print the barcodes, and then you are ready to go! 

Store Websites- Store websites like have coupons you can load onto your store loyalty card and use when you buy that item. An ecoupon is usually a manufacture coupon. Usually you can not stack coupons when you use an ecoupon though, so before you load, make sure there are no store coupons that match up with that manufacture coupon, in order to get the most out of your coupons! 

FACEBOOK! - Yep, facebook. Many companie's facebook pages offer high value coupons. You must 'Like' their page and check out the tabs to find coupons. Not all companies will offer coupons through their facebook pages, and the ones that do, dont offer them all year round, so make sure to watch their posts for announcements from your favorite companies! 

Snail Mail- Have you ever written a company in a complaint? I am sure many of us have. Now have you ever written a company to give a compliment? Many people dont realize that when you write a company, tell them how much you love their product and simply ask for a coupon, they will send it to you via snail mail! (snail mail-your at home address). Companies LOVE hearing how much consumers like their product! Some companies will even give coupons for free items! So go to your favorite product's website (mine is, I love their hummus!) and let them know how much you love their products and ask for a coupon! 

Product Packaging- Products like cereals and powder laundry soaps like to give out coupons inside the product packaging! Be on the lookout! 

Manufacture's Websites- Manufactures just love advertising their products! Websites and have coupons you can print straight from their website! Remember, to print any coupon, you must first install the barcode printing program you can find

Ebay- Maybe a coupon came out and because it was regional, you didn't get it. But its a high value coupon and you really really want it right? Well ebay is a great place to buy these coupons! You can buy whole inserts or just single coupons. Yes you do have to pay for them, but its usually cheaper than a whole insert from a newspaper stand!

Coupon Clippers- Websites like offer a service of cutting the coupons for you and sending them to you! You can buy these coupons for around .12 cents a piece I think, with a minimum of 5 of the same coupon. So when you find a high value coupon, this is another great way to get them without having to dish out $1.50 for 1 like coupon out of the sunday paper! 

Recycling Bins!- This is my favorite place to find coupons. First, before you go checking out the recycling bins around you, make sure to check your local laws that it is legal, as it is illegal to go through recycling bins in some states. Also, if you want to go through the recycling bins in your area, call the company that owns that recycling bin and get permission if you can. That is the best way to do it, therefore if someone confronts you and tells you its illegal (or even worse, an officer of the law comes up asking what your doing) you can let them know you got permission from the company to do this! (I would also reccomend printing off the letter they send you or email they send you giving you permission as proof). 
So why is this my favorite place to find coupons? Isn't it dirty and gross? NOPE! However, from time to time people do throw food or other items in the recycling bin that do not belong, so if the bin smells funny or if there are many items that should not be in there, for safetys sake I would just skip it and go onto the next. 
The newspaper recycling bin is just that, for newspapers. And trust me, there are tons. instead of paying up to $1.50 for your single sunday newspaper, why not get them free? Arent we all just trying to save money? At the recycling bin I go to, I can get up 200 of the same insert if I wanted it. But I dont. I know many in my area are trying to save money just like me, so I try to limit myself to about 30, depending on how many papers are in there. Call me crazy for getting 30, but when a coupon comes out that makes an item free or even possible money maker, it is worth it in the long run! 

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