Thursday, June 16, 2011

Why Coupon???

Why use coupons? People everywhere know that you only save pennies when you use coupons right? Couponing takes hours each day, and you could be doing better things anyways. WRONG When you use coupons you save dollars, you could even get items normally priced at five dollars or more for free. It doesn't take hours, imagine watching TV with your significant other and cutting coupons at the same time. Your daily routine hasn't changed in fact your actually burning calories while sitting on the couch. <please note that calories lost will not compensate for the chips eaten during sitting> What could you do better for your family then feed them and save money? Providing food and other basic needs for them while saving enough to make the mortgage payment? If you spend 400 dollars a month on food for your family can you imagine spending 300 less? You could use it to get health insurance if you don't have it, get repairs done on your car, and even start using that savings account for something more then direct deposit.

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